“City Park” sits empty on the corner of W. Walker road and Buffalo Bill Ave.

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. — “City Park” sits empty on the corner of W. Walker road and Buffalo Bill Ave. The area is mainly used as a tree branch dumping ground, but one North Platte resident has big plans to change that. Brandon McCook wants to build a sanctioned USA BMX track there.

“BMX is a sport that has been around since the mid to late ’70s,” said McCook, who is the president and founder of 308 BMX. “It’s actually bicycle motocross. It’s not motorized vehicles at all. This is all pedal bikes.”

In addition to the BMX race track, McCook also wants to build a skate park, a mountain bike area and a RC vehicle park. He says these new attractions will give the youngsters of North Platte something to do.

“The age old question that we’ve always heard and we’ve even questioned it ourselves is what is there for kids to do in this area,” McCook said. “This answers that question with a solution of giving the kids and their families something to do.”

North Platte is positioned to greatly benefit from this proposed plan as well. McCook says the park would increase tourism and foot traffic in the city, ultimately generating more revenue for the town. Lisa Burke, of the North Platte Visitor’s center, wrote a letter to the North Platte City Council to support McCook’s plan and she says the park would generate $750,000 in revenue for the town per year.

“It stands to draw from all over the United States,” McCook said. “Not just locally or regionally so we can see riders from the east coast and from the west coast stopping in North Platte.”

The park will be open to the public most of the time as it will be closed down during sanctioned BMX races. Anyone wanting to race will need to register with USA BMX. McCook says yearly membership fees average around $65 per person.

“We just need the community support,” McCook said. “So far I’ve, we’ve been overwhelmed with how much support we’ve received so far.”

McCook says the immediate goal is to secure a property land usage agreement with the city so they can build on the property. Initial estimates say the the BMX race track and the skate park will cost between $150,000 and $200,00 to build. McCook hopes to have the funds secured soon so construction can start in late September.

If you would like to donate or reach out head to gofundme.com/308BMX or facebook.com/308BMX.

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