Bicycle & Pedestrian Trails – North Platte, NE

The North Platte Trails Network is a volunteer citizens group working to create, maintain, and promote trails in and around Lincoln County, Nebraska. Funding for trails is provided through donations and grants.

To make a donation to the North Platte Trails Network, go to:

Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation
121 N Dewey St #112
P.O. Box 1321
North Platte, NE 69101

Trails Etiquette/Safety Rules:

  • Keep to the right and announce your pass on the left.
  • Be prepared to yield for reasons of safety and caution.
  • Use proper hand signals.
  • Wear visible clothing and proper safety equipment.
  • No motorized vehicles allowed on trails.
  • Beware when riding or walking through tunnels of high water or mud during a rainy season.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid running/walking/biking by yourself. Tell someone when you’re going and when you expect to be back.
  • Keep the trails beautiful. Pack out all trash, including pet waste.
  • Pets must be kept under restraint of a leash and under control of a competent person.
Centennial Park Trail
1.4 Miles

A paved trail along the South Platte River is easily accessed by parking at the North Platte Visitors Bureau. Starting west of the parking lot, the trail runs under the river bridge, looping around and over the bridge, along the South Platte River and stretched to the North Platte Rec Center.

Buffalo Bill Trail
5.0 Miles

This trail runs along Buffalo Bill Road and is a favorite for walkers and runners. From State Farm Road to Leota Street is a paved trail and from Leota to Rodeo Road is an on-road trail. North of Rodeo Road (HWY 30), the paved trail connects to Scouts Rest Ranch.

Lakeview Loop
2.8 Miles

The Lakeview Loop offers a nice partially paved trail connecting from the corner of Buffalo Bill Road and Leota Street to South Bare Ave, Sunset Drive, Lakeview Drive, and back down A Street for an extra loop to your adventure!

State Farm Trail
1 Mile

The paved trail runs from the Nebraska Game and Parks Fish Hatchery and winds through the University of Nebraska Extension campus and down State Farm Road. To accommodate crossing HWY 83, you will continue through an underpass called “cattle crossing”.

Halligan/Canal Trail
3.1 Miles

This trail begins at the intersection of Newberry Access Road and Halligan Drive, under the underpass, along the NPPD Canal (turns to gravel) to Walker Road and then to State Farm Road where it connects to the North Platte Community College campuses. This trail also connects with Iron Horse Park.

Iron Horse Park
.82 Miles

Short off-road trail makes a scenic loop around Iron Horse Lake, connecting the Halligan/Canal Trail. Parking can be found at the 20thCentury Veterans Memorial.

Lake Maloney Trail
2.7 Miles

The paved Lake Maloney Trail runs along the west side of the lake from the edge of Lake Maloney Golf Course to Kansas Point camping area.

Whitaker’s Way
2.9 Miles

Follow this unpaved trail along the NPPD Canal that leads to Lake Maloney. At Whitaker’s Lookout Point, you will find a bench in memory of the late Jim Whitaker, a former Mayor of North Platte, who was passionate about trails and recreation. Bench donated by the NP Trails Network.

South Willow Trail
2.0 Miles

A trail that connects kids to education and recreation. Commuting to Osgood Elementary School or both campuses of the North Platte Community College is accessible via this trail. This trail will soon complete a larger loop to stretch along State Farm Road and connect back to the Buffalo Bill Trail.