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Public Session 

Rules and Regulations

Skater Fee:                                               $8.00 /90-minute session – children 4 and under free

Private Instruction: $30/half-hour lesson, shorter or longer lessons coincide at $1 per minute.  All payments are made to NPIce.  Instructors must have a current Private Instructor Agreement on file with NPIce to give lessons, and to receive payment.

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On the ice

o No skating in a manner deemed unsafe by management

o   No roughness, excessive speed, sliding, or weaving through other skaters

o   No tag or horseplay games of any kind

o   No groups of more than two patrons connected  (i.e. chains or trains)

o   No pulling, pushing or towing other skaters except for the purpose of teaching skating.

o   No harnesses or hockey sticks allowed.

o   No jumps, spins, or backward skating except in designated areas

o   No strollers or carrying small children on the ice

o   Skate only in the same direction as traffic  (usually counterclockwise)

o No throwing snowballs or objects of any kind on the ice surface or in the rink area

o The use of electronic equipment is prohibited on the ice (i.e. cell phones, cameras, headphones, etc.)

Resting or Refueling

o No food or beverages allowed on the ice surface

o No alcoholic beverages of any kind allowed on the ice surface or in the facility except during specific events with possession of a permit.

o No sitting, leaning, or setting items on the boards

o No patrons permitted behind the players’ bench or penalty box

o The exits/entrances are to remain clear at all times

Skates and Equipment

o Patrons wearing rental skates off the ice must remain on the rubber mats

o Proper equipment must be worn at all times  (full hockey equipment is required for Stick and Puck and Drop-in Hockey if under 18 yrs old)

o Patrons wearing shoes are not permitted on the ice except during special programs

o “Skate Trainers” are used as a skating aid not as a toy—no spinning or riding

Other Rules

o Only working employees are allowed behind the skate rental counter

o No pets or animals allowed on the ice or in the facility


February 2, 2023
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm CST
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